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2024 Laboratory Safety Training Course (October 22th)


Course Title:Laboratory Satety and Health

Class Informaton:

Time :2024/10/22(Tuesday)18:00-21:00


Teaching Objuct:Foreign personnel who need to go to the laboratory (New students,Master or Doctoral students,researchers,etc.)        


  • Curriculum Goals

The aim of this training course is to enhance the new workers’ laboratory knowledge including occupational safety and health knowledge, potential risks and hazards and preventing personnel from accidents.

  • Topic

Introduction of Safety and Hygiene Management in Labs

  • Teaching object
  1. The members including new bachelor, master or PhD students and researchers who will access to the laboratory must attend this course.
  2. According to the regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Act., the new laboratory workers need to complete another 3-hour chemical hazard awareness course.
  • Registration Information and Notes
  1. This course is free to register. No meals are provided, please bring your own water.

  2. If you are new to the laboratory site (such as a student or faculty member or postdoctoral researcher) and have not yet attended any safety and health training courses, please register online (https://she.ntust.edu.tw/p/423-1068-1354.php?Lang=zh-tw).register

  3. Once you have passed the test, a certificate will be issued to you. Only the person who has a certificate is allowed to enter the labs. 

  4. Please completing the relevant trainings before starting to work on NTUST campus. The test result will be sent to your registered e-mail in 7 working days. The passing score is 70, the person who failed the test should make an appointment for further training with our office.
  5. The handout will be posted on the web before class.
  6. If you have any questions please contact Ms.Yu.


  • Organized by:

Office of Environment and Safety (OES), Taiwan Tech



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